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10 Questions to Ask When Seeking a Hospice Provider

July 26, 2013

It’s never easy to think about end of life care. The majority of us live our lives thinking about living, not dying. However, it’s important to plan for the future to ease the stress and anxiety for everyone involved. The last months, weeks and days of life can be upsetting and tremendously stressful for both […]


10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Care Provider

July 24, 2013

As your loved ones age, there may come a time when they need assistance with basic tasks such as grooming, bathing, meal preparation and surgical aftercare. While it can be daunting to choose a home care provider that you trust to enter your loved one’s home, there are plenty of skilled and honest providers out there, but […]


Stress-Free Travel With Seniors

July 23, 2013

Summer time is here, and with that, vacation season is in full swing. Families across the country are embarking on some of the most important bonding excursions they’ll experience together. But with an aging loved one, getting away even for a weekend can be a stressful experience. Whether or not your loved one is joining […]


Creating a plan to your parent’s independence when they can no longer drive

July 22, 2013

Getting your license when you’re a senior in high school is the first right of passage to adulthood and independence. Losing your license when you are a senior—in life—feels like everything is being taken away. It is difficult because it feels like you can’t just pick up and go whenever you’d like. However making a […]


Founder’s Note: Jennifer Robinson, July 22, 2013

July 21, 2013

I had the opportunity on Thursday night to attend a meditation and yoga class that was held at our Hospice office. It was enriching and inspiring to have offered this incredible experience to our employees, patient families and the community at large.  At the end of the class, the instructor shared a poem that is titled “Let […]