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Turn the music up! Music is a great form of therapy for our hospice patients.

March 21, 2016

Mission Hospice offers a unique form of therapy that involves instrumental and vocal activities to meet the needs of our patients. It allows us to address the physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of patients, their families, and caregivers in a time when other measures may not be an option. What is Music Therapy? Music […]


The Life-Changing Difference of Hospice Care and the Continuum of Care

January 4, 2016

When a patient is terminally ill, hospice is usually the most appropriate form of care. It’s never that simple, though. End-of-life care means different things to different patients, and family members are often (and understandably) reluctant to place their loved one in hospice.  There are so many varying needs and levels of care that fall […]


Is Hospice Care Appropriate for Your Patient? 7 Things to Consider

December 9, 2015

Making the decision to refer a patient to hospice care is never easy. With the family by their side, willing them through their ailments, you always hope to have an optimistic prognosis. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case. A seemingly irreversible public stigma makes it even more difficult to even mention hospice to a […]


10 Questions to Ask When Seeking a Hospice Provider

July 26, 2013

It’s never easy to think about end of life care. The majority of us live our lives thinking about living, not dying. However, it’s important to plan for the future to ease the stress and anxiety for everyone involved. The last months, weeks and days of life can be upsetting and tremendously stressful for both […]