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Category: Tips

22 Feb

3 Essential Tips for Aging Happily and Healthily


The benefits of a balanced, nutritious diet are well documented and these apply throughout all stages of our lives. Good hydration and […]

20 Apr

Help Improve the Mental Health of Today’s Seniors


Loneliness and isolation are troubling concerns for the elderly population, often leading to more serious problems such as depression, anxiety, […]

26 Jan

What is the Continuum of Care?


Every patient has their own unique needs, and those needs can change dramatically over the course of care. A patient […]

1 Oct

Rehospitalization: The Penalties and How to Avoid Them


Rehospitalization, often synonymized with readmission, has a significant impact not only on your practice, but also on your patients and […]

2 Dec

UT San Diego: Tips for the Elderly on Shopping and Eating Healthy


Read our latest feature in the U-T San Diego, “Tips for the Elderly on Shopping and Eating Healthy.“

21 Aug

3 Considerations When Choosing Care For Your Aging Family Member


When the time comes to choose a caregiver for your aging loved one, the process can seem daunting. For some, […]