Founder’s Note: Kerry Pawl, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Most partnerships fail. Partnerships are breeding grounds for conflict because everyone is a chief, or thinks they are. As Mission approaches its 4th “Birthday,” I want to share a little bit about the unique partnership formed by the four founders.  It is a partnership based on loyalty, humility and dedication to a shared vision. The four of us have very different backgrounds, different strengths and different weaknesses. What I find unique about our partnership is that each of us has found areas of our business where we can focus and make a positive impact. Even more important is the fact that when one partner encounters a challenge or an obstacle, there are three others who support him or her and assist in finding a resolution. I would call each of the other three founders of Mission my friend, but what I truly appreciate is the unique partnership the four of us have formed.

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