Founder’s Note: Mark Kimsey, November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

“On Friday, November 15, 39 House Democrats joined Republicans in passing HR 3350, a bill designed to reverse health insurance policy cancellations that hundreds of thousands of Americans will face under the Affordable Care Act.  The vote was not a surprise based on the fact that the rollout of Affordable Care has been marred by website problems, a shrinkage in the number of insured Americans since its launch, and rising fears about the overall economic impact of the President’s health plan.  In response to the potentially historic vote in Congress, the White House was quick to label the bill as a “step in the wrong direction”.

While the Affordable Care Act is still supported by 43% of Americans according to the AARP, the tide may be turning quickly.  A defection of 39 House Democrats may only be the beginning if the implementation of the Affordable Care Act continues to demonstrate that the core promise of less expensive healthcare available to more Americans goes unfulfilled.”

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