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The 9 Most Rewarding Aspects of Working with Patients in the Home

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Published:  October 1, 2015

A career in home care, home health, or hospice care is not your ordinary clock-in-clock-out job. Our line of work is filled with passionate people who live to help others, from nurses and therapists to administrative professionals, coordinators and technicians. If you prefer an active, flexible lifestyle and thrive on emotional fulfillment, in-home care might be your calling. Here are the 9 most rewarding aspects (in no particular order) of daily life here at Mission Healthcare:

1. Full Attention to One Patient at a Time

Medical workers are accustomed to the hectic atmosphere of a hospital or facility. With so many things going on at all times, it can be difficult to give your undivided attention to the patient at hand. When you work with patients in the home, you’re able to focus solely on their needs for an extended period of time. You’ll spend ample time with them and develop an understanding of their unique situation, enabling you to provide a higher level of care. 

2. A Flexible Schedule

You’ll have plenty of booked time slots working in this field, but you’ll also have more control over your scheduling than you would with a typical office job. This makes it easier to handle errands and commitments that would otherwise consume your weekend.

3. Being Out and About

Home care providers are always on the go from one appointment to the next. If you’re the type of person who dreads the thought of being confined to a cubicle or office for hours on end, you’ll love the fast-paced nature of visiting patients in their homes. It’s energizing, challenging, and motivating. Plus, what better place for an active work life than sunny Southern California?

4. Interaction with Different Professionals

Working in this industry, you get to interact with amazing people across a variety of professions. Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, chaplains, admin staff, case managers, and supervisors—they’re all part of your team. You learn a little about a lot of things working with them on a daily basis, and with many you’ll become close friends.

5. Bonds with Patients

On a personal level, you get to know patients a lot more closely than in any other medical profession. You develop strong emotional connections that inspire you not only on the job, but in life. You’ll experience the deepest trust, strongest compassion, and most powerful human emotions. Even with patients that are no longer progressing with their health, you’ll find yourself determined to make their last years of life as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

6. Accomplishing Goals

Many patients have a long, steep incline to recovery. You’ll aid them through their physical ailments and emotional challenges, and when a patient overcomes their obstacles, you’ll be able to share their pride. The excitement of a patient’s recovery after weeks, months, or even years of care is a feeling second to none.

7. Bonds with Patients’ Families

The valuable relationships you make in this career extend all the way to your patients’ families. Patients might not always comprehend who you are or understand the assistance you’re giving, but the families do and are extremely grateful for your contributions. These are lifelong bonds in which you’ll exchange years of holiday greeting cards, heartwarming stories, and emotional moments.

8. The Doctors

We have the opportunity to work with all types of physicians–from neurologists to podiatrists and everything in between. This gives us the opportunity to see how all of these physicians care for their delicate, often, disheartened patients, which can be exceedingly uplifting. It reminds us that our patients are in good hands whether they’re in the home, in hospice, or in the hospital.

9. The Team

As if the nature of our work wasn’t reason enough to come to work inspired every day, our internal team is a close-knit group of all-around great people. Everyone supports and encourages each other, something that’s not always a given in many work environments. We all strive to deliver “WOW” customer service to every life we touch.

Think in-home care might be the career for you? Mission Healthcare is always looking for bright, talented professionals. Browse our open positions here.