Home Health

Our Home Health care team provides expert in-home nursing and therapy services with an unmatched customer service experience.

You can feel confident knowing we provide exceptional care in the comfort of your own home. Home health care can help those recover after a hospital or facility stay, or need additional support to remain safely at home and avoid future hospitalizations. Our care team helps you regain your independence to become as self-sufficient as possible. 

From skilled nursing and therapy to wound care and medication management, patients can receive a wide variety of treatments at home. Our highly skilled care team provides treatment for an illness, injury, or chronic ailment within the comfort of your home environment. Whether you are already home, transitioning from a hospital or skilled nursing facility, we are here to help continue your care. In many cases, the services you would receive while in a hospital or rehab center can be delivered at a lower cost and more conveniently in your own home.

As your advocates, our care team will help you and your family navigate through the healthcare process.

When Is It Time For Home Health Care?

Home health is a broad practice that can encompass many types of care. Examples of patients receiving home health care include those who are homebound or have had:

  • A recent hospitalization
  • Outpatient surgery
  • Chronic pain or limited mobility
  • Missed physician appointments
  • Trouble adhering to medication plans
  • Multiple falls or issues with balance

What Are the Benefits of Home Health?

A variety of benefits set home health care apart. These advantages can vary a bit from one patient to the next, as not all those who receive home-based treatments hold the same priorities. Some benefits of home health care include:

  • A greater independence and improved quality of life
  • Personalized care through one-on-one attention
  • Transition from an acute hospital setting, inpatient rehabilitation facility or clinic to home-based care
  • Convenience in the comfort of your home
  • Receive personalized care specific to their needs
  • Avoid potential rehospitalizations 
  • Ease the load on caregivers and loved ones

Which Services Are Provided By Home Health Care Providers?

We take a holistic approach to care that seeks to meet the specific needs of each home health patient.  We offer a wide range of services, which include, but not limited to the following

  • Skilled Nursing Services:
    • Our highly skilled nurses work closely with each patient and their physician to develop a plan of care specific to their condition such as disease-specific management, medication management, IV therapy, wound care, dementia care, chronic illness management, dementia care and other. 
  • Physical Therapy:
    • Our Physical Therapists work with the patient to develop a plan using techniques designed to increase mobility, reduce pain and restore their physical function and prevent disability
  • Occupational Therapy:
    • Our Occupational Therapists focus on improving a patients’ ability to perform activities of daily living and regain independence
  • Speech Therapy
    • Our Speech Therapists help patients improve swallowing, speaking, cognition and language skills.
  • Home Health Aide
    • Our Home Health Aide assists with personal care and activities of daily living during the recovery process including eating, bathing, and grooming.
  • Medical Social Worker
    • Our Medical Social Worker assess the social and emotional factors affecting each patients and provides helpful community resources

Who Pays For Home Health?

Medicare and many private health insurances provide coverage for eligible home health services. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more and check if you qualify for home health services.

Getting Started with Home Health

If you or a loved one are recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery or need assistance in managing a chronic medical condition, we’re here to assist.

Visit our locations page to find a program near you or call us for a free home health consultation to get started.