Admission and Discharge

Admission to Hospice

Admission to hospice services is a voluntary process that the patient and family choose to participate in. To qualify for hospice services, a patient’s physician certifies the patient has a terminal illness, with a limited life expectancy.

When you elect the hospice program, you have made the choice to take a palliative course of care rather than a curative approach.  Mission Hospice is a Medicare certified, CHAP accredited agency and complies with all of the State and Federal regulations that govern hospice services.  This means that while you are under our care, all services, treatments, hospitalizations, durable medical equipment and drugs related to your life-limiting illness must be provided, coordinated and authorized by your hospice team.

Discharge from Hospice

Sometimes patients elect to leave their hospice program. Reasons for leaving (or discharge) may include:

  • Their disease goes into remission
  • They are moving out of the service area
  • They simply decide that they no longer wish to have hospice services

Whatever the reasons, Mission Hospice will assist the patient and family in helping to make alternate arrangements, and assist them until the transition is complete.