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Our Difference


On The Forefront of Care

Mission Healthcare uses industry-leading tools to make data-driven decisions while staying focused on individual care. We provide the technology, tools, and training to improve a patient’s healthcare journey while in the home.

  • Clinical decisions powered by machine learning
    Our clinical decision making is powered by machine learning to accurately predict patient transitions and enable better end-of-life care. This technology allows us to make data-driven decisions and better align our intensity of care at the time it is most critical. We ensure our patients and their families receive the care that matters most in the final days and final hours of a patient’s life.
  • Patient Centered Cloud-based Software
    Our clinicians utilize a comprehensive software that allows our care teams to access the patient’s electronic medical record, real-time data, medications and other helpful information to the patient’s diagnosis to power exceptional patient care.
  • Lowering Rehospitalization Rates Through Seamless Transitions
    We leverage patient-centered clinical insights to reduce hospital admissions and improve patient care.
  • Using Data to Guide End-Of-Life Planning
    We use a learning solution that ensures patients are in the right setting of care at the right time.
  • Enabling Partnerships Across The Care Continuum
    We generate healthier outcomes with healthcare providers and show them how early referrals can improve the patient and family experience.

Clinical Evidence-based data driven insights to provide better care

The dashboard illustrates the national average for total hospice visits within the last 7 days of life (5.17), versus our hospice teams that has achieved 8.86+ total visits within the last 7 days of life using technology.