Mission Launches ‘Mission Forward’ for San Diego’s Homeless

May 14, 2013

Mission launched Mission Forward, a yearlong campaign to support San Diego’s homeless. While Mission’s employees are on the road providing health services, they will give out living essentials to the homeless they pass by. The bags are filled with bottles of water, fresh pairs of socks and toiletries.

“Since Mission’s services are provided in the home, our clinicians and our staff are always on the road between patients’ residences,” said Mark Kimsey, co-founder of Mission. “Our staff passes by individuals in need all day long and we thought this would be a perfect way to make a difference.”

There are about 8,500 people living on San Diego’s streets and in shelters. San Diego’s homeless population is the third largest in the U.S.—New York and Los Angeles are the first two. Mission’s staff will keep the bags in their cars to give out when they see a person in need or asking for help on the side of the road.

“Helping those in need is a valuable experience,” said Kimsey. “It is important for us to empower our employees to give back and spread joy in a way that resonates with them personally.”

Mission has elevated the San Diego community with services, jobs and community programs. They participate in the annual Parkinson Association Walk, they run drives for the homeless and fundraise for Elderhelp. Mission has also created 350 new jobs in just the past four years and plans to double that within the next two years.

“We are committed to providing services to anyone and anywhere,” said Jen Robinson, co-founder of Mission. “We know that not everyone has access to services like ours and that may be the difference of someone ending up on the street or not.”

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