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Palliative Care Services

Advanced Care Planning

Advanced care planning is the act of making decisions about the care you will receive as well as your final wishes and goals. Reflecting on the things that are important to you and understanding your options helps you feel confident as you make these decisions. We provide information and guidance to help you feel confident in the choices make regarding advanced care planning.

Symptom Management

Managing uncomfortable or painful symptoms associated with a life-threatening disease. Support is personalized and often combines the use of medications with therapy and non-medical care. We provide relief from shortness of breath, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, insomnia and other problems resulting from your disease or medical treatment to reduce discomfort.

Access to Education & Resources

Our nurses, with support from social workers, can help identify useful resources in the community, such as meal support, transportation services and more.

Pain Relief

Expert treatment of pain including medications, therapy and other approaches to reduce comfort

Patient Advocacy

When you’re navigating a complex medical system, it can be helpful to have an expert on your side. Our palliative specialists serve as patient advocates, ensuring your wishes are heard and your needs are addressed.

Coordination of all Aspects of Care

Palliative services can be received at the same time as curative treatments. Palliative specialists work closely with the patient’s healthcare team to ensure well-coordinated care.

Emotional and Spiritual Services

Serious illness can cause many different types of suffering. There is physical pain, but dealing with serious illness can cause emotional and spiritual suffering, too. Our expert team of interdisciplinary professionals address your physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs.

24-Hour Support

You’ll receive on-call support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having a nurse on call gives you peace of mind and a trusted resource that can relieve stress. Family members especially appreciate our 24/7 support from our care team.


A Team Approach to Palliative Care

Your palliative care team is made up of providers, nurses and social workers. Our team works closely with your regular doctors to ensure your care is well-coordinated to manage symptoms and address concerns that matter most to you. We work as a team with patients of all ages, and at all stages of a serious illness. Each patient’s team may vary based on their needs and level of care.

Our Physician develops a plan of care that emphasizes what is most important to have the best possible quality of life.
Our Nurses provide thorough symptom assessment and management and help patients & families make informed decisions.
Social Worker
Our social workers help patients and their family members access resources. We offer individual counseling, group support, and help adjusting to the illness and advocacy of the patient.
Home Health Aide
Our Home Health Aides help with day-to-day tasks and teach patients ways to care for themselves despite illness or disability.
Our chaplain is available as needed to provide guidance and answer any spiritual questions.