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Why Mission Was Voted One of San Diego’s Best Places to Work

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Published:  January 4, 2016


Mission Healthcare earned a 2018 and 2019 Top Workplaces honor from the San Diego Union-Tribune for exceeding the typical standards for culture, values, and morale. 

While we’re extremely humbled by the award, we also want to convey our internal viewpoint of why Mission is indeed one of the best places to work in all of San Diego. Our employees continuously provide amazing feedback on why they love working at Mission. So, we asked around the office, “What makes Mission so great, anyway?” Here are a few things they said: 

Visible Leadership

High-ranking executives are often shadowy figures behind frosted glass doors—“elites” compared to everyday employees. At Mission, that’s not the case at all. Our owners are here working alongside the team, often even addressing small or mundane tasks with the same dedication they bring to larger responsibilities. It’s clear that their intentions are not simply to make money but rather to build a legacy of serving patients and providing fulfilling, professional careers. 

A Place to Call Home

Mission thrives on a culture that inspires you to believe in what you’re doing. That may sound like a simple achievement, but self-fulfillment is the absolute (and often illusive) key to “feeling at home” on the job. 

Throughout our industry, we have a reputation as a place where bright, dedicated professionals can come to have a rewarding career through retirement. Our team is more like a family, sharing the full spectrum of life experiences together, from the grief of losing an end-of-life patient to the joy of celebrating a co-worker’s birthday and everything in between. 

Not Bosses, Mentors

On the family note, dictatorship isn’t a thing here. We have quite a bit of youth, complemented by equal mentorship to achieve the perfect balance. When a manager makes an assignment or corrects an error, it feels more like guidance than discipline. In everything we do, we’re collaborative, supportive, and encouraging.

Respect Across the Board

Mission employees don’t go through the motions just for a paycheck. Everyone takes great pride in his or her role, creating a true team atmosphere in which every single person understands and values the next person’s contributions. You won’t find departmental divides at Mission, just all-around respect and rallying around common goals.

A Pup Named Finley

We have a unanimously adored office pet. Finley is a chocolate lab puppy with eyes that will melt your soul and an uncanny enthusiasm for joining team meetings. 

Multidisciplinary Colleagues

Working in home health, home care, and hospice connects you to a vast network of doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, chaplains, admin staff, case managers, and supervisors who share the same passion for caregiving. It’s easy to stay inspired when you see the incredible effort and expertise your extended team brings day in and day out.

Giving Back to the Community

Aside from helping patients and their families, Mission gives back. Throughout the year, we team up with non-profit groups throughout Southern California, including Meals on Wheels, HUGS, The Children’s Fund and many more. Each December, we host our Miracles with Mission campaign to raise money for the communities we serve. In 2016, Miracles with Mission will become its own not-for-profit entity, giving to our community and our employees via a benevolent fund.

Beautiful Offices, Perfect Location

All of the above come together in a beautiful, accessible location. While other providers work out of drab, isolated industrial parks, Mission’s corporate campus boasts spacious break rooms, a casual atmosphere, a courtyard, and plenty of scenic outdoor space. Plus, we hold tons of company activities where you can mingle with and enjoy the company of your coworkers. 

Think Mission Healthcare might be the place for you? We’re hiring! Check out the most rewarding aspects of working with patients in their homes, and then view our careers page