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My mother in law has required home care after being discharged from a skilled nursing facility, on multiple occasions. Mission Home Health Services by far has been the best experience that we’ve had with post discharge services. Everyone that has come to our home to perform their specialty has been top notch. Not only were they very professional, but they also took the time to properly assess my mother in law on every visit. This demonstrates an organization that truly instills patient care to all of its employees. I would highly recommend Mission Home Health to anyone needing this type of service vice just allowing the discharging facility to randomly select a provider which we have allowed in the past. This time we did our research in advance, and it truly paid off.
I’m the owner of a non-medical home care agency here in San Diego. We do not offer hospice services, so when my clients need that level of help, I rely on Justin Rahn and his team at Mission to deliver with personal attention and compassion. The quality is great and they are kind and honest with how hospice can help and what to expect. I wanted to say Thanks through this review for helping the families that I have sent his way. Thanks Justin!
Absolutely the best home health care anyone could hope for. I am a medical social worker so I am very aware of the scope of quality that exists in the field of home health care. When Mission Home Health took care of my father, they were absolutely outstanding. The nurses were professional and exceptionally kind to my family. It felt as if each of them went into this line of work because it called to them. Nobody was just going through the motions. And Sue Butler, who helped arrange it all, is so clearly committed to ensuring the care was of the highest quality. She checked in repeatedly with me and my Mom to ask how things were. If I could give them a grade, it would be an A+.
My experience has been excellent – I like that they assigned one therapist and didn’t keep switching. Annette was really good – one of the best I’ve had, and there have been many. Kudos!
Mission Healthcare provides excellent services to its clients. I manage a large retirement community and they are my go to for home health needs to assist my residents to remain in place as long as possible. They’re staff is very responsive, engaged, and compassionate. Shelby Eckenberg is the BEST. I would highly recommend them to anyone needed home health services. Thank you for the great service you provide!
The amazing people who represent this wonderful organization are TRULY a family. They care about what they do and how it’s done! So much passion and heart goes into caring for loved ones and Mission is exactly that. Heart and passion.
Mission Hospice was amazing when it became apparent that my husband’s 93 year old mother was no longer responding to medical treatment. Once the family agreed that hospice care was needed, Mission arranged for all of her needs. Within hours of her release from the ER, late at night, there was a hospital bed and all the medical support/devices she needed at her assisted care home. There was a manager to explain how hospice works and an outline of services to expect. The main point that some of the family found difficult to comprehend was that hospice was in place to make their mother comfortable and pain free, not to try to treat her no longer treatable health issues. Mission, through their nurses, their spiritual counselor (Chris), music comfort (Darcy) and other staff made sure that my husband’s mother was in comfort in her last months. They made that happen. My husband’s mother was happy, pain free and fully cognizant of what was going on. With the help of Mission Hospice, she was able to spend her last days in the place where she wanted to be, with respect, dignity and without pain. Although hospice care is not supposed to be constant, daily care, Mission Hospice staff were always available when called. Once a dedicated plan was in place, the hospice team and assisted living health service team coordinated coverage for my husband’s mother. One nurse, in particular, Stevie, was always available. She would come as soon as she could when called and spent hours with my husband’s mother and the family. She would explain the process and the medications used to offer relief and comfort. Stevie was amazing. We are very impressed with the services and support that Mission Hospice provided. Thank you.
Mission Home Health has been exceptional when it comes to patient care. Reyna Espinoza is one of the most fun loving and caring reps I have had the pleasure of working with. Outstanding customer service goes a very long way!!! Thank you for your continued service to Valley Crest.
I love how Mission goes above and beyond to create a wonderful customer service. They are focused on creating the best possible experience for patients. The nurses and therapy staff are a lovely group of people who truly care about their patients. They also offer home health, hospice, and home care throughout Southern California.
Great Home Health Care Agency. The therapists were excellent and I improved greatly as a result of their care. I am a retired physician and I highly recommend Mission Home Health Care!
Mission HealthCare has been known as the leader in customer service and patient outcomes in San Diego County for 7 years. Serving Home Health, Hospice and Home care patients the right way, the patient comes first. And they really make the employee empowered to do the right care that is needed!
Misson is a great Home Care and Hospice company we are happy to have a such a great company to refer our clients to.
Mission Healthcare employee’s go on and beyond their job duty. They encourage, motivated as they assist with the rehabilitation. I am very satisfied with Mission Home Healthcare. I shall refer family and friends to them.
The overall experience was positive. They are very supportive in time of need. I would recommend them.
Mission is amazing! They are always willing to go the extra mile for their patients. Cameron is a huge help with anything a patient needs.
Amazing company…Family oriented. Strong leadership. Compassionate clinicians.
Staff was great. Prompt with returning phone calls answering questions regarding my aunt. Thank you.