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Which Service is Right for Me?

Home Health Hospice Palliative Care
What Is it?
Home Health care allows patients to receive needed health care services, while surrounded by family and friends at home reducing the time it takes to recover from illnesses, injuries or surgery, and shorten hospital stays. A nurse or a therapist will teach patients how to manage their illness through education and training, so they may achieve the highest level of independence possible while remaining in their home.
Hospice is comfort care, specifically designed to address the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs for those facing end of life, and support for their families.
Palliative care is specialized medical care for people with serious, chronic illnesses. It focuses on providing patients with relief from the stress and symptoms of a serious illness.
Who Is It For?
Anyone recovering from a serious injury, surgery, illness, or those needing medication or pain management.
Hospice care is for people who are nearing end-of-life, typically a person with a prognosis of six months or less to live. Hospice provides symptom and pain management for patients with serious illness, no matter their age, culture, beliefs, or cause of illness.
Palliative care is for anyone living with a serious illness, such as heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer, dementia, Parksinson’s disease and many others.
What Does It Treat?
  • Helps individuals to improve function
  • Live with greater independence
  • Assist the patient to remain at home
  • Avoiding costly hospitalizations
  • Develop an individualized care plan focused on the patient’s goals and wishes
  • Comfort care
  • Pain control and symptom management
  • Improve quality of life
  • Puts the patient’s desires, goals and decisions first
  • Improves quality of life
  • Comfort care
  • Alleviate emotional distress, anxiety or depression
  • Minimizing pain and discomfort
  • Supports the patient and family
Where is Care Received?
  • Home
  • Hospital
  • Nursing Home
  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Home
  • Hospital
  • Nursing Home
  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Home
  • Hospital
  • Nursing Home
  • Assisted Living Facility
What Is The Cost?
In most cases, home health care services are fully covered by Medicare. In addition, services can be paid by Medicaid, Veterans Administration (VA), private health insurances and/or private pay.
Covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance.
Most insurance plans cover all or part of palliative care treatments you receive, just as with other hospital and medical services.
What Services Are Included?
  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Home Health Aide
  • Medical Social Worker
  • Speech Therapy
  • Diet & Nutritional Guidance
  • Coordination of Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
  • 24/7 On-Call Hospice Support
  • Physician-Directed Care
  • Nursing Visits
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • Medications
  • Medical Social Services
  • Emotional Spiritual Comfort
  • Physical & Occupational Therapy
  • Dietary Counseling
  • Volunteer Companionship
  • Veteran Services
  • Grief & Bereavement Support
  • Short-term inpatient care
  • Pain & symptom control through medications, therapy, and other approaches
  • Guidance with difficult and complex treatment decisions
  • Coordination of your care with all of your health care providers
  • Help navigating the health care system
  • Help with making a smooth transition from the hospital to home care or a nursing home
  • Emotional, spiritual, and practical support for you and your family
  • Referrals to community resources