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What is the Continuum of Care?

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Published:  January 26, 2016

Every patient has their own unique needs, and those needs can change dramatically over the course of care. A patient receiving home care, for example, might find themselves in home health after a slip and fall. Vice-versa, a home health patient who is healing after a slip and fall may become more for fit for home care. In the worst cases, a patient will become terminally ill and be moved into hospice. 

Navigating the nuances of home health, home care, and hospice is always a challenge, especially when you’re communicating with different providers for each service. That’s why Mission is committed to providing a continuum of care that integrates these three vital services.

The Mission Bridge Program

Few health care providers offer home health, home care, and hospice under one umbrella. Typically, home health agencies send patients to hospice agencies. Likewise, many hospice agencies don’t offer home health services.

Mission follows patients and their families through every level of care, helping them to understand the health care system and access the right care, at the right time, in the right setting. The continuum of care is best exemplified by the Mission Bridge Program, which provides a single point of contact and eases the transition from one service line to the next, making for a better line of communication and a higher level of trust between all parties.

For Patients

With patients who need a high level of care or are terminally ill, comfort is the number one priority. Moving them from place to place can exhaust them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Worse, it can also create lapses in service as the age-old “telephone game” breaks down the information passed between agencies.

When a patient in Mission home health progresses to the need for hospice, the transition is seamless, because we offer both services and staff a veteran social worker to handle every case. And if, for whatever reason, the patient doesn’t qualify for hospice, they’re quickly readmitted to home health as opposed to “floating” with no care at all. The continuum of care enables us to make caregiving as comfortable as possible for the patient through any transition that might arise.

For Families

For a family going through trying times, there’s nothing worse than a communication failure. We have heard so many horror stories from families who went through awful experiences before coming to Mission; undue stress is usually the common theme. Our Bridge Program is an all-encompassing concierge that thoroughly educates families while walking them through every step of the health care process for their loved one. We even offer 24-hour support via a direct phone line.

For Providers

The life of a clinician is extremely hectic. And in a hospital setting, the pace is accelerated even further. Clinicians who work with us know they can send their patients to Mission for any combination of home health, home care, and hospice. In doing so, they have the convenience of communicating with a single representative for any combination of the three. This minimizes the paperwork and time needed to make the right referral for each patient, and provides peace of mind in knowing that we are your “eyes and ears” regardless of which service the patient is enlisted in.

Send Them Home with Mission

When you send a patient to mission, you are sending them home. Our team is passionate about providing each and every patient with the highest level of care, while comforting their family and making their provider’s life easier along the way. Click here to refer a patient to Mission Healthcare, or call us at 888-871-0766.