Mission Healthcare Employees Help Meals-on-Wheels Make the Holidays Warm for 1,000 Seniors

December 13, 2013

On Saturday, Dec. 14, Mission Healthcare, is holding a festive reverse-telethon to support Meals-on-Wheels Greater San Diego, Inc. Their goal is to raise $19,000, enough to serve 1,000 meals on Christmas day, along with delivering 1,000 gift packages to seniors, many of whom are isolated and would otherwise be alone during the holidays.

“Meals-on-Wheels and Mission Healthcare both empower seniors to live with dignity in their own homes,” said Mark Kimsey, co-founder of Mission Healthcare. “Both organizations support the independence and well-being of seniors and are committed to reducing the isolation so many of them experience.” 

The holidays can be a difficult time for seniors who often go hungry. Many are low income residents without family or friends in the area. What’s more, many of their caretakers spend the holidays with their own family and friends, leaving the aging completely alone during a time meant for celebrating with close loved ones. When Meals-on-Wheels volunteers deliver meals to seniors’ homes, the volunteer may be the only person the senior sees all day, providing human contact and a safety net.

“Mission Healthcare’s amazing work of providing hospice, home health and home care services in the home compliments Meals-on-Wheels’ services, making this partnership a perfect fit,” said Debbie Case, president and CEO of Meals-on-Wheels, Greater San Diego. “A contribution the size of Mission’s will have a huge impact on our San Diego senior population and will immensely help Meals-on-Wheels reach our goal of donating 2,000 meals to the forgotten population during this holiday season.”

During the reverse-telethon, Mission’s 400 plus staff will call their friends and family to ask for a seven dollar donation, which is the price of two meals. All donations during the reverse-telethon will help provide over 2,000 meals on Christmas Day to homebound seniors:

  • $7 provides two meals delivered
  • $210 provides one month’s worth of meals
  • $420 provides two months’ worth of meals
  • $630 provides three months’ worth of meals

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